Eudata Connect Suite



Welcome to the Eudata Connect Suite user guide! In the following sections will be detailed all that’s needed to get from zero to hero using the Eudata Connect Suite.

What’s in your hands

Eudata Connect Suite is designed to extend the capabilities of Amazon Connect by offering a complete, wide and scalable platform on every client touch point and able to address all types of services.

Eudata Connect Suite is a cloud digital customer engagement solution that includes:

  • A web-based agent desktop (Next2Connect) that manages both audio and digital channels and tracks customer history.

  • An outbound campaign manager (Comet) that manages outbound campaigns to reach your customer.

  • The customer journey map (CRAB) that tracks any customer activity with agents or bots and provides advanced reports with useful insights.

Thanks to the integration with Amazon Connect, the Eudata Connect Suite inherits and extends the Amazon Connect concept of routing profiles to allow you to manage your contacts and agents with CRAB, Comet and further custom integrations, working like gadgets inside the same agent desktop.

All-in-one Agent Desktop

Designed to facilitate the agent work while using Amazon Connect. Next2Connect natively includes: 

  • inbound and outbound voice services

  • video chat

  • collaboration

  • chat

  • social messaging

  • email. 

Moreover, it can be integrated with management systems, CRM or TT in a single solution, avoiding context changes and automating processes to save time and improve user experience. Next2Connect supports the single-sign-on functionality, integrating the main Identity Provider services. This allows contact center supervisors and agents to access the service with their existing business credentials.


Outbound Campaigns

Comet, as outbound campaign manager, is an intuitive solution to design, implement and monitor outbound campaigns designed for Amazon Connect. It provides the possibility to simply shape the contact campaigns and manage their costs based on the campaign activity time and the calls made.

Comet natively integrates Amazon Connect or Service Cloud Voice, so agent groups, phone numbers and logics are available in the campaign wizard as an option without additional work from supervisor.


Monitor your campaign results

You can monitor your campaign via the gadgets embedded in your Next2Connect agent desktop.

You can view a summarized report of each campaign, with the possibility to deep dive in the details each list associated with the campaign.​

With the CRAB Registry gadget for each list is also possible to check every detail about the customer.

Each contact made by the customer is listed with all the history for inbound calls, outbound calls and callbacks. ​


Manage your customer data

Thanks to the native connection with CRAB, Next2Connect is able to:

  • track customer history.

  • track customer profile.

  • visualize and modify all the customer details in a single view.


Multi-tenancy administration

Next2Connect is configurable using Next2Connect Administration Panel that enables to:

  • Supervise the agents’ status thanks to the dashboard overview.

  • Add new Gadget (e.g. a new CRM or TT, a public web tool).

  • Change the UI (Logo, Font, Colors via CSS) for each routing profile.

  • Define broadcast messages to agents.

  • Force events on the Agent Desktop based on specific policies (i.e. logout at specific time).


​With the Next2Connect Administration Panel you can manage all of this for one and more organizations and companies. ​