Welcome to the Eudata ConvyAI user guide! In the following sections will be detailed all the functionalities provided by our platform.


What's in your hands

Scale up your business to new heights with Convy.AI, the Customer Engagement Platform that effortlessly combine the best of human-like interactions and cutting-edge-artificial intelligence. Experience the magic of a customer journey that leaves a lasting impression, where happy customers are at the heart of every interaction.

Discover the seamless integration between AI and human agents, resulting in a harmonious synergy that creates a truly unforgettable customer experience.

Convy.AI is:

  • A powerful omnichannel BOT builder to create conversational automation without coding, leveraging the use of several  Natural language understanding (AWS Lex, Expert.AI, Google, Microsoft, Watson, …), LLM (AWS Bedrock, OpenAI, …) and other form of AIs
  • A digital contact center platform with a powerful agent desktop and tons of supervisor tools
  • A customer data platform that collects the history of every interaction with clients
  • A video platform that enables brands to create virtual Shops/branches/Agencies 

Everything in a single platform to manage your online customers


Browsers Compatibility

The Convy.AI platform - Admin panel, Agent desktop and customer gui - can be accessed through a desktop browser. No particular installation is required, but please note the browser compatibility information. 

All the consoles are fully functioning with the following browser versions:

Browser Version
Google Chrome Latest three version
Mozilla Firefox ESR
Mozilla Firefox