⚡ Outbound ⚡

⚡ Outbound ⚡

Digital outbound communications in customer care and contact centers offers a unique opportunity for proactivity in customer interaction. This strategy enables timely assistance, promotes products/services, and gathers feedback, enhancing overall customer experience and increasing brand trust and loyalty.

In ConvyAI, you can take advantage of outbound capabilities on WhatsApp and Telegram messaging platforms, providing agent-to-customer communications or AI-driven campaigns.

Please contact our Sales team in order to access those functionalities.



In the bot section, you can create a specific bot for outbound. It will be sufficient to fill in the bot's name and the initial flow.

Once you enter the flow, the first node is already preset and locked.

It is advisable to set up a handover node in the "Take" action for the default exit.


The first "take" exit sends the conversation directly to the operator for handover. The second, the default one, activates when the customer responds to the message sent through the outbound campaign.









Outbound is available for Telegram and WhatsApp connectors.

You need to activate the flag "Enable Outbound".

Once enabled, it will be sufficient to fill in the fields. The template needs to be filled out only if it is a WhatsApp connector.



You can find more information about outbound campaigns in the Outbound section on the agent desktop